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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 18, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. it is monday february 18th 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new storm over immigration after a copy of president obama's plan is leaked. tens of thousands visit the vatican to say good-bye to the pope. more meteor sightings over the weekend and we'll show you why your 401(k) may not be the safety net you were counting on. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the president laid out just last week that we will be prepared with our own plans if
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these ongoing attacks with republicans and democrats up on capitol hill break down. >> the white house keeps immigration reform on track. >> immigration reform is drawing sharp criticism. >> it undermines a group of senators drafting their own plan. >> if the president proposes legislation, do you think it will fail? >> of course. >> country sing erminedy mccready is dead at 37. reports indicate she committed suicide to a gunshot to her head. >> she was a lovely woman. we have lost her, and it didn't have to go down like this. blizzard-like conditions and freezing weather from maine all the way down to florida. >> it's not enough to tell you the truth. oscar pistorius returns to a south african courtroom tomorrow after fatally shooting his girlfriend. >> a major news report reports the police have uncovered a
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bloody bat at the scene. >> gas has risen in price for 32 straight days. danica patrick has made history, winning the poll first woman to do so. >> all that -- >> a couple of wins, it's stuff like this when it's tough to do interviews. >> -- and all that matters. >> a new report says that benedict's hearing has deteriorated and he's got blind in the left eye. >> the conclave may start earlier. >> could you be the next nominee? >> that enters the world of fantasy. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the first lawsuit from a passenger aboard the carnival cruise ship. >> finally one of those vacations that will be remembered as his idea. welcome to "cbs this morning." the white house is under fire
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after a draft of its immigration plan leaked over the weekend. >> republicans are accusing the administration of meddling in bipartisan plans to score political points. bill plante is at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah, good morning, charlie. white house officials say what they really want is for the senators from both sides to write a new law to reform immigration. they denied that they're trying to politicize the process. president obama's newly pointed chief of staff said sunday that the white house is working on a plan of its own to deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country illegally, but that it hopes not to need it. >> we will be prepared with our own plan if these ongoing talks up on capitol hill break down. there's no evidence that they've broke about down yet. we continue to support that. >> reporter: but the leaks
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angered sof republicans. >> look. the question that we always had to ask ourselves particularly with this white house, is the president looking for a partisan advantage or a bipartisan law? >> reporter: white house officials tell cbs news that is not their intent and that the plan leaked to "usa today" represents only draft options anan and not a final product. republican marco rubio blasted the white house draft calling it dead on arrival for several reasons including the in fact it doesn't address guest speakers. former house speaker newt gingrich believes that any plan from the white house is doochled to fail. >> an obama plan led into this i find it hard that his plan's
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going to pass the house. >> reporter: that's kind of the bottom line. but white house officials have said that the president has warned repeatedly if they don't come up with an immigration bill, he will come up with one of his own. they say they too, are upset of the leak and say they don't want it to look like they're getting ahead of the process which they support and is going well. they also know it's the only thing that's likely to pass. norah, charlie? >> so, bill the president is spending this holiday weekend in florida. i understand he golfed with tiger woogs but the white house press corps is being denied access. >> reporter: they don't like to show the president at leisure doing anything. they see it as propaganda. we like to see whatever he's doing. pope benedict is taking part in a vatican retreat this
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morning one day after speaking to one of the largest crowds of his papacy. he's preparing for the final stage of his life starting ten days from now. >> reporter: pope benedict has begun a traditional lenten retreat. in his second to last appearance overlooking st. peter's square benedict asked eded pilgrims to pray for the next pope. he will eventually live inside vatican city. that will allow him to keep out of the public eye and ensure his personal security. because the vatican is sovereign territory it will make it impossible for the lawyers to try to sue him for the sex abuse scandals which some have tried do. when a pope dies they put things
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under seal but he plans to keep writing. issues on what to call the pope will be bush of emeritus of rome for which he'll receive just over $3,000 a month. there's still no firm decision whether church law can be altered to choose a pope 15 days after benedict leaves office. prior to the conclave the cardinals speak their minds and get to know each other. a crucial inltd rim according to senior adviser greg burke. >> some of the advisers are known. a lot are not. it's interesting. they get together a few times a year, but it's not like they all know each other well. >> reporter: the last time he saw the pope he was hard of hearing, thin, and partially blind in one eye.
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>> we're joined now from vatican city. good morning. >> reporter: bongiorno, charlie, bongiorno, norah. >> that's a nice start. >> reporter: the official word is we have heard it will be at least 15 20 days before it's deemed restudied right now. it looks like there's a pretty good chance it may be moved up. the reason is since we know exactly when the seat of peter is going to become open and we know that the cardinals are going to be making their way to rome hopefully to be here in time for that day of the 28th then we might as well move it up a little bit and get the ball rolling. >> is there any reason not to move it up? >> reporter: well, one of the benefits of waiting is that it gives the cardinals the
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opportunity to spend some time together and get to know each o'a little better. on the other hand many of the cardinals are able to communicate anyway via e-mail and learn a lot about each other just through their writings. so even though they may not know each other personally they still have an idea of the members of the conclave is. >> so "the washington post" recently reported that they may have been brought on by the scandal. do you think that played any role or was it his declining health? >> reporter: well, of course the official statement we received was it was his health his weakness that led to his investigation. as far as the scandal or other scandal scandals we have to remember before he was rendered or elected pope he was in the vatican for 25 years before his election, so he knows the workings of the vatican, how
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italy works. i would be surprised if there's anything that could surprise him at this point. >> all right. ashley ashley good to see you. bon superior noe . she was found sunday at her home in hee bare springs, afrmt manuel bojorquez shows us a life and talent cut short. ♪ i can tell he's going to ask me to dance ♪ >> reporter: mindy mccready rose to country fame in 1996 with her debut album "10,000 aainngels." on top of stints in and out of jail and rehab, the singer was plagued by a long list of other
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problems. a eight years ago billy knight the father of her oldest son was charged with attempting to kill her. in 2008 she was reportedly in an alleged fair with baseball player clem endent when she was in her teens. sunday afternoon authorities found mccready's body on the porch of her home dead from an apparent gunshot to the head. this is a month after her boyfriend, the father of her 10-month-old son killed himself. >> he didn't just touch my heart. he touched my soul. he was my soulmate. >> like mccready, wilson's body was found on the same porch. >> i think it obviously speaks on the pain she was feeling that
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for whatever reason she chose to go to the same location and do what he did. >> reporter: mindy mccready was 37. for "cbs this morning," manuel bojorquez, new york. double amputee oscar pistorius has canceled all of his future track meets. kelly cobia is in london. good morning. >> good morning, charlie. the lawyers will try to convince the judge this was all a tragic accident. he's charged with premeditated murder and police have reportedly said this case is rock solid. his father says oscar pistorius acted on instinct when he shot his girlfriend thursday firing four times at a person he thought was a burglar. yet cbs news believes reeva
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steenkamp slept in his bed that night. she was still in her night gown. she was shot once in the bedroom and then she tried to hide in the bathroom. the door was shut. she was shot with her hands over her head. police reportedly found the bloody bat in the house. she interviewed people at the scene of the shooting and says the bat will be crucial at the scene of the investigation. >> we're look at a few scenarios. one is that she was trying to defend herself. there are reports that he abused and assaulted her at first. >> reporter: his family says pistorius is in shock. they met with him over the weekend in the police station in pretoria where his career is in hold. all races have been canceled and sponsors are considering their
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next move. on saturday night the spotlight was on steenkamp. she appeared in a reality show taped in jamaica months ago. producers aired it despite her dekt death. they say the family was told first and did not object. steenkamp's body is now in her hometown on the south african coast and a private funeral is planned for tomorrow. >> thank you. pressure is mounting on new jersey senator robert menendez. he's fighting a growing lit of allegations, many involve his ties to a friend and campaign donor. jan crawford is in washington. good morning. >> good morning, norah. good morning, charlie. cbs news has learned the fbi is looking at a whole bunch of allegation including first one on the trip to the republic. the investigation so far has not
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proven that menendez has had any contact with prostitutes. >> trying to find somebody this many months after the fact based on all the sketchy allegations and unclear claims it's really difficult. it ooh's cold trail. >> that's only part of what's become a steady drip. the fbi and the senate ethics committee are also investigating his relationship with florida doctor salamon melegen. he confirmed they contacted the usa agency. he denied interfering with any investigation. >> i welcome any review but i
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have no intention of having the smears trying to deviate me from the work that i have been doing and will continue to do. >> reporter: menendez is also accused of trying to help mel jen from. he would have an obvious interest in not seeing the government provide it for flee. >> if the fbi can show he traded favors for campaign tron kohntry bugss or intentionally falsified documents like financial disclosure forms, then they could charge him with a crime, but those are really high bars to meet. >> he says it's allegations. the senator's office has acknowledged that menendez has failed to pay mel gin for two trips he has taken.
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he has since had to pay $58,500. that's a lot of money from the senator from his personal funds. a new blizzard could threaten the midwest this week. meteorologist mike augustyniak from our station is tracking the storm. >> a storm offshore that is going to bring some pretty good rain from sierra to san francisco early this week but then it turns into a potential know. lit bring a chance for severe weather to the dallas area of wednesday. rain up to st. louis and southern kansas and then the snow zone rolling from northern kansas up toward maybe the twin city f cities of minneapolis and st. paul. could be near blizzard conditions in parts of nebraska
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later this week. it's time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "los angeles times" says the u.s. forces prepared to comply with afghan strike limits. the norm timeses says the white house plan s tos to conduct a project. it would gain insight into perception and consciousness. "the washington post" says republicans are sending signals that chuck hagel's bid to become defense defense de de-secretary of state will come up. they say there's a reasonable time to have those questions'ed. and "usa today" says hugo chavez made a return. it was announced via the president's official twitter
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by aarp. real possibilities.
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people all over the world are looking up after a series of close encounters with meteors and asteroids. we'll find out this morning how scientists keep track of these space rocks before they get this close. plus danica patrick makes history at daytona, becoming the fastest qualifier for the great american race. >> there's a lot of things and people that go into getting a full position at the daytona 500. i'm a small part. >> it's a first forwomen and we'll show you why she has nascar fans talking off the track on "cbs this morning."
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the helicopters flying above us dropped down a couple of papers so we know what we missed. >> there is no god. >> there is a god. he has not abandoned us. let's see what's in the news. the pope resigned. oh, lord. >> hey, here's something fun. north korea successfully launched a -- nope. you guys think you have it bad? 4,000 strand on a nightmare
7:26 am
cruise. that is about us. >> that's enough. >> at least some people are able to laugh about it now. and we have new video this morning of yet another close call with a meteor plus why 25 minutes past 7:00 on this president's day. it's very petty and cold. sharon is watching the streets and marty is over at first warning weather. >> it's about 7 degrees colder than the time yesterday. in the low 20s. 40 is going to be the high. mostly sunny skies. pleasant afternoon. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> it's a pretty pleasant ride on the roads. no delays. we have a cup ouple of other problems. one on southbound bel air bypass at 24. one more issue a light out on boston street at dundolk avenue. speeds pretty good on the beltway. same goes for 95. that's a live look at 70 west of
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the beltway. topside of the beltway still empty. this traffic report is brought to you by jerry's automotive. the biggest president's day sale ever. it's all about you. state police are investigating a college related murder on the eastern shore. a student killed right in front of his friends and brother. mike schuh is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. a well known eastern shore rapper is stabbed to death on homecoming weekend. 21-year-old edmond aaron st. clair known has trinny west was driving across campus on saturday night with his visiting brother and cousin. they came across three men blocking the street. a scuffle insued. st. clair dropped with a stab wound to his chest. st. clair leaves behind a girlfriend, 8 months pregnant. police don't have a good
7:28 am
description. another murdered university of maryland state student was membered. 22-year-old college park student stephan rane was shot and killed by dayvon green early last tuesday. green died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a hagerstown man is waking up behind bars after a teenager is stabbed inside his house. police say 38-year-old generette dicks sur -- dixon. he's been charged with attempted murder and recognize leskless endangerment. three men are in jail following a string of robberies. police say they targeted 711
7:29 am
royal farms and hide stores. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, do we need to keep a
7:30 am
jo you're looking at a huge warehouse fire in tampa this morning. it's been burning for hours along the port of tampa bay. a cruise ship could be seen floating above the massive flume. officials are trying to keep the fire away from two big tanks. officials say the fire could go on for most of the day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." the meteor flying across russia was traveling at more than 43 miles an hour. >> we wondering why so many cameras were rolling in such a remote part of the world so we asked terrell brown to show us the down-to-earth answer.
7:31 am
>> reporter: the once-in-a-lifetime event was over in seconds. moments after a meteorite streaked across the morning sky and exploded above the russian city o chill lob bins video flooded the internet. it was purely by chance captured by small dash-mount cameras that are now the latest fad among russian car owners. motorists have turned to dash cams for self-protection. visual proof on possible corrupt police officers or insurance carriers who stage accidents like this one. in a country where the highways are as lawless as a violent west, the tool is more than just for corruption. it's become a national obsession, documenting carnage
7:32 am
on the nation's roadway from gruesome car crashes to extreme road rage this new russian reality show has few limits. last december this video of a plan crashing into a moscow highway went viral, but on friday morning those same cameras turned to the sky to capture an event that few people will ever see in their lifetime. for "cbs this morning," terrell brown, new york. and get this. there was another meteor sighting last night in south florida. this fireball could be seen from jacksonville all the way down to the key west. it follows a sighting in san francisco friday and an as tropical depression that came within miles of hitting earth. professor michio kaku is a cbs
7:33 am
correspondent. you've been here a lot in the last couple of days. is this the last coming days? >> the only one who predicted all this was chicken little. maybe the sky the falling after all. >> does chicken little know something we don't? >> first of all in russia we had the biggest meteor impact in a hundred years. hours after that we had the closest call with an asteroid ever recorded in the history of science. now the people of cuba san francisco, south florida are seeing fireballs and meteor showers in the sky. >> what's the difference between the meteor and an asteroid. >> an asteroid is a failed planet between mars and jup tar but the degree could rain down on the earth. but once it hits the atmosphere it starts to blaze away and falls as a shooting star. that's the meteor. and once it hits the ground it
7:34 am
becomes a meteorite. >> profess ear, i mean that with all southeasterliousness how close that asteroid came as it skirted by earth. could with be concerned? >> i thinks so. >> really? >> we have no early warning system. this is a no-brainer. we should have a space satellite out there. but it's amateurs. amateurs who are on the front line of detecting these things. the number of amateurs you can fit inside a mcdonald's restaurant. >> we're showing video that our satellites are farther away than these meteor rights that came close to earth. >> that's right. it would be chump change to pay for the tell stone that could find it before it hits the earth. >> why isn't the government doing it or somebody from nasa? >> we've been to nasa. they treat us like we're a bunch of space ka deads.
7:35 am
but this could be a game-changer. >> why is it important? >> it's important because we need an insurance poll i. inevitably we're going to need one. it's inevitable. we need to have an early warning system and president obama had stated that a priority would be to land on an asteroid that. could help to focus our efforts to not just land on an asteroid but to deflect an asteroid. so bruce willis watch out. >> if we did know about this asteroid, is there anyway to take it out before we head toward earth? >> we don't want it to come to earth. what we need to do is nudge it or push it when it's farther out. that would take a few decades to get a booster asteroid on it. >> early detection would make a difference too. >> early detection is the key to the whole puzzle and that's what we need and that is what
7:36 am
congress has consistently rejected. >> all right. dr. michio kaku thank you. a couple fights their own obesity. it is threatening to keep them from having a child. >> i know it will be a wonderful day just one day to watch him become a father. it would mean the world to me. >> we'll show you how far they're willing to go to bring life into the world. and tomorrow new brain food. you'll see what to eat to boost your memory and fight off alzheimer's. that's on "cbs this morning" tomorrow morning. it took years to build this business. the moment my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis started getting in the way that was it... it was time for a serious talk with my dermatologist.
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obesity is not only a health risk. it can make having children more
7:41 am
difficult. several months ago we started following a tennessee couple who made a life long decision. >> melanie hole oman was minutes way from the same weight loss operation her husband had two weeks earlier. both were desperate to get smaller and start a family. >> all right, any last questions? >> reporter: dr. virginia weaver is a bariatric doctor. in the o.r. she shrinks the stock am stomachs of people mostly women. many of them also hope to regain their fertility. >> they come to us and it is the end of the road. it is the last resort for these people, and they are desperate. >> reporter: and in most cases it works? >> in most cases it does work.
7:42 am
>> reporter: the holelimonelimons have been big since they were little. they got mair 13d years ago. she's an x-ray technician. he run as restaurant. they both tried dieting and exercising. the biggest? >> i was 346 pounds. >> i was 306 pounds. >> so two good-sized people. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the hollimon's now 34 have struggled to get pregnant for ten years. >> i'm sorry. i know it would be a wonderful dad, just one day to watch him become a father. it would mean the world to me. >> reporter: bariatric surgery shrinks the patient's stomach from the size of a football to that of an egg. >> you won't find a more highly motivated patient than someone who's desperate to start a
7:43 am
family, they know they have a trouble with pregnancy. >> when the doctor told us you know, this can help him too, it's not just you, i mean that blew us away. >> reporter: dr. weaver sped things along, six small incision and she finished melanie's operation in an hour. >> hey, dennis. we're all finished. she did fantastic. >> reporter: this was the hollimons on vacation two years ago. believe it or not. this is the same couple six months after their surgeries. >> like the supermodel couple, beyonce and jay-z. >> reporter: melanie weighed in at 218 a loss of 98 pounds. dennis had lost 83 pounds.
7:44 am
melanie's hypertension and diabetes disappeared with her weight. >> i'm going to give you the green light to go ahead and start trying to have a baby. you can't put words on how life-changing it is for a couple who are looking at having no children and all of a sudden they have a complete family. >> reporter: the hollimons have no guarantees but they gained something when they lost the weight. hope. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann, memphis. >> well they look fantastic. >> keep your fingers crossed for them. >> we're rooting for th
7:45 am
danica patrick will enter the record books at the daytona 500 no matter how she finishes and that's not the only reason she's turning heads. we'll tell you about the couple e known as danike when "cbs this morning" continues.
7:46 am
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ñ with a mini cooper on sunday. he was the first to do a 360-degree back flip with a specially built mini. after hitting the quarter pike he lifted up 75 feet in the air, and, of course, he nails the landing. welcome back to "cbs this morning." >> wow. that's kind of impressive. speaking of good danica patrick becomes the first woman to start in the poll position. during qualifying yesterday she finished .03.
7:50 am
>> that's a great lap, guys. >> reporter: danica patrick's average speed beat out 44 other drivers as she became the first woman ever to win poll position at daytona. >> i feel a lot of pride, to be honest. there's a lot of things that go into people getting a position at the daytona 500. i'm a small part. >> reporter: it's the lady's first who often smashes barrier. the first to win an indycar race and take the lead at the indy 500. success has elude her. >> i hope i win over the fans and that they believe in me but if they don't, i feel i belong and am good enough. >> these ads but lately because of her love life. last month she announced she filed for divorce from her
7:51 am
husband of seven years and revealed a budding romance with fellow driver ricky stenhouse jr. >> obviously it's a story everybody's talking about. i don't want it to be about me or us. i want it to be about nascar. >> reporter: some have dubbed it dan icky. stenhouse who is patrick's rival on the racetrack finished 12th on sunday 0.2 chance. >> i like my chances. being on the poll means i have a fast car. >> reporter: in the great american race on sunday, both patrick and stenhouse jr. hope to make history. they're already guaranteed to make headlines. for "cbs this morning," jeff glor glor, new york. >> just another woman doing great things. >> i love jeff gordon's own daughter, move over i need to get a picture of danica.
7:52 am
a nightmare flight for a minneapolis family. a woman says her toddler was attacked by another passenger. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] when ziggy the cat appeared at their door he opened up jake's very private world. at first, jake's family thought they saved ziggy but his connection with jake has been a lifesaver. for a love this strong, his family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands, it has 50% more animal protein... help keep ziggy's body as strong as a love that reaches further than anyone's words. iams. keep love strong.
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at 4 before 8:00, a live look south at the sun streaming in from the east and a long look at spaghetti junction as well. it's in the low 20s now. calm day sunny day. it's going to feel pleasant this afternoon more so than yesterday. a high of 40. here is sharon gibala right here right now wjz traffic control. >> it's a calm day on the roads as it is president's day. we're looking at a reduced rush. only a few accidents. east jop pa at quinton, route 1 at 297. speeds on the west side of the beltway just a mild delay 49 is your
7:57 am
average. there's a look at topside of the beltway still wide open. this traffic report is brought to you by your baltimore hyundai dealer. the search is on for the person who stabbed a university of maryland eastern shore student. mike schuh has the story. >> good morning. a well known eastern shore rapper is stabbed to death on the campus of university of maryland eastern shore. 21-year-old edmond st. clair was driving across campus on saturday night with his visiting brother and cousin. they came across three men blocking the street. st. clair got out a scuffle end sued, st. clair was stabbed. st. clair leaves behind a girlfriend, 8 months pregnant. police don't have a good description of the killer. i'm mike schuh reporting. back to you. >> thank you . stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, ready for retirement, your 401k may
7:58 am
not be enough for your golden year how you can land o' lakes spreadable butter with canola oil is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three simple ingredients. what's in your spread?
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8:00 am
its is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." pope benedict is resigning in 10 days but how long will it take to name his successor? we'll have new information on this historic transition. and experts say 401(k) doesn't guarantee a comfortable retirement. we'll show you how to make your 401(k) bigger and better but first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the white house officials deny that they're trying to politicize the process. >> the white house is under fire after a draft of an immigration plan leak oefrd the weekend. >> reporters quote his
8:01 am
biographer with saying he was hard of hearing, thin and blind in one eye. >> mindy mccready has committed suicide. >> hiss lawyers will likely try to convince the judge this was all a tragic accident. police have reportedly said the case is rock solid. >> a blizzard could threaten the midwest this week. some areas could be buried in up to 10 inches of snow. >> danica patrick has made history at daytona qualifying as the fattest. >> bongiorno, charlie, bongiorno, norah. >> that's nice. >> its is isn't it? >> charlie and i were kind of talking. you've been here a lot the last couple of days. is this the end of the world? we're talking asteroids, meteors, fireballs, and the pope resigning. what's happening?
8:02 am
>> the only one who predict all this is chicken little. maybe the sky is falling off al. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by allergan. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. more than 100,000 people came yesterday for won f the pope's final events before he retires next week. >> and it's only going to get busier once the cardinals choose the next pope. allen pizzey is in vatican city. allen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is the start of lenten week. he's going spend his time in prayer and concentration and write a little. when a pope dies his personal possessions are usually locked up in the secret archives benedict will be allowed to keep his books. maybe that's why he looked so
8:03 am
relaxed at the angelus when people were coming to wave and say good-bye to him. the last time the journalist saw him he looked thin and was hard of hearing and losing sight in one eye. one more reason to retire i guess. >> thank you. the white house is in a new battle with congress over immigration reform. this time the flap is about the obama administration. it liamed out as the lawmakers on capitol hill work out on details of their own. bill planlt is at the white house. good morning. >> what they really want is for senators to write new laws for immigration reform. they deny that they're trying to politicize the process. president obama's new chief of staff said sunday the white house is working on a plan of its own. that leaked document an zbrering a lot of congressional
8:04 am
republicans. they accused them of a very powe tenltd issue. white house officials tell us they're not interested in doing that. that's not their intent. the plan that was leaked only presents draft options. it's not the file product and the white house says the president has warned repeatedly if congress ignores the plan he'll produce one of his own. they're upset by the leak. they don't want it to appear they upstate koj. they support the bill. they think the talks are going well. so they know, too, an immigration bill introduced by the president is not going to pass congress. norah, charlie, gayle? >> thank you. troubled country music star mindy mccready is dead it appears to be from suicide. she was found on her pore. with a gunshot wound to her head. her talent was overtaken by personal problems including substance abuse including
8:05 am
three-suicide attempts. he boyfriend also died of an apparent suicide. her life was wurnld described as a whirlwind of chaos. the national cancer institute finds no increased risk in patients who underwent the fertility treatment. they compared the medical records of more than 890,000 women in israel. sometimes you really should touch is that dial. a new study says getting in involved with what your kids see on tv could change their behavior. they studied more than 500 namelies. they found that families who reduced their child's exposure to violent videos and shows also saw improved behave. less aggression and more empathy and concern for others. >> this study intrigued me. american children are watching 4 1/2 hour of television a day. the american pediatric academy
8:06 am
says it should be less than two hours. >> there's no question it would make a difference. no question whatsoever. what were you going to say, charlie? >> nothing. i was listening to the two of you, which is a good thing to do. new england is digging out from another snowstorm this morning. it hit the boston area with 5 inches of snow causing heavy travel delays. meanwhile a blizzard is brewing in the midwest. meanwhile mike adustugustyniak joining us from wcco. good morning. >> good morning. there's a pretty good rain and wind maker for places like vancouver and portland and seattle and eventually it heads to the rockies midweek. the strong flow will bring on this moisture. it puts the flow of snow in from northern kansas to missouri to nebraska, iowa potentially up to minneapolis, and that's where 6 to 12 inches is possible.
8:07 am
potentially also with strong winds. we're looking at possible blizzard conditions coming up wednesday and thursday from nebraska into iowa. a little farther south around dallas, a chance for pretty big storms. again, that's on wednesday. we'll keep an eye on that for you. charlie, gayle, norah? >> mike thank you. temperatures might be going down but gas prices are going up. aaa says the current national gas average is 3 ppt $73. get this. a month ago it was $3.30. that's an increase of 43 cents. the rise in oil is to blame. mementos from john f. kennedy were auctioned off sunday. they beloved to his aide david powers. there was an air bomber jacket. the american flag that flew over the white house during his administration. and the book went for $4,500.
8:08 am
an idaho man faces a federal assault charge for allegedly hitting a crying child on a recent flight. anne-marie green shows us how the incident caused widespread outrage. >> reporter: the trouble started brewing almost immediately when jessica and her adopted 2--year-old joshua were on a plane. >> he was sitting next to us and was growling at us. he began to complain jonah was too big to be sitting on his mother's lap becoming more outspoken as the flight continued. >> he was annoyed. he was constantly turning my light back on when i turned it off. i took us out of the situation, and went to the bathroom.
8:09 am
>> she stood there with jonah for 90 minutes for the landing. when they began to descend he began to cry and hudley became irate irate. >> he looked at me in aing are hateful way and said f'ing -- >> shocked, jessica gave hudley a second chance and i said what did you say? >> hudley pushed up against her face and repeated himself. >> when she pushed back he slapped jonah across the face. days later hudley was was charged with assault punishable by up to one year in jail and while jonah suffered a minor scrape, she worries about the long-term damage. >> he has suffered effects for sure. >> reporter: he was a president of a division of an aerospace manufacturers. they call his behavior offensive and said he was no longer employed by the company.
8:10 am
for "cbs this morning," anne-marie green, new york. >> the company acted very quickly. >> they did. and, you know nothing is worse for a parent when your child is screaming on the plane. it's just tough to travel and to make it worse to have someone who's sitting next to you being rude. >> because you're doing everything you can to keep them quiet. it's not a good morning. it is an absolutely beautiful day start but it is also very cold. 7 degrees chillier than this time yesterday. at least the over night wind has diminished. 40 degrees going to be the high this day. the normal is 45. tonight we begin to cloud up, a weak front moves our way with after a low of 33 will bring us rain tomorrow. a high of 49 ahead, jeff glor will introduce us to one of this year's biggest movie stars. it's man who has never acted
8:11 am
before. he became famous in "beasts of the southern wild," but he never left his true love. baking in the kitchen with dwight henry. that's coming up on "cbs this morning." >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by allergan. talk to your doctor today about chronic migraine. will get in the way. maybe you'll have some friends over for dinner. maybe you'll have a migraine. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. but knowing this thing you're going through has a name means knowing you can find treatments that are right for you. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life.
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8:15 am
at birmingham don university, the student made a shot. he gets to choose whoever he or she wants to take the shot. the coach was great choice. welcome back to "cbs this morning." all right. >> i always love those shots. >> that was worth a lot. that was a good one. >> he did well. >> very well. >> if only i could get somebody to putt for me now. >> can you really count onto your 401(k) to fund your retirement? our mellody hobson will have the answers you need to protect your financial security. that is ahead on "cbs this morning."
8:16 am
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an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. no animal by-products. no meat and bone meal. when you put my chicken on the table you know where it came from. millions of americans believe a 401(k) plan is the best way to save for the future. however, some financial planners say 401(k)s don't always add up to a comfortable retirement. what? cbs contributor and analyst mellody hobson is here to help you get the most out of your account. good to see you. there was an article recently that said 401(k) plans are a disaster. they actually used the "d" word. how much do you believe that? >> i don't agree with that story. i believe there's a hyperbole there but i do believe americans
8:20 am
need to save a lot more. to understand this you need a brief history of 401(k) plans. they're about 30 years old. when they were started, they were originally thought to be supplemental. you had a pension, social security and you could supplement it with 401(k)s. of course, pension has gone away more an more social security is more shaky and 401(k)s are becoming the entire solution for a lot of people. >> where do we stand today? >> where do we stand is the average american family they make about $50,000 a year. that's the median income and the average retirement account when they retire in a 4 01 k plan is about $140,000. that sounds like a lot but let's do the math. you get social security. that's about $1,230 a month if you go to the full age to retirement and you supplying meant that with this $120,000 that you have in your 401(k)
8:21 am
plan which if you buy a 600 annuity, which all in that's about $22,500 a year in income. if you're lucky enough to have a pension, that's another $6,000. this is not enough money and hopefully that's a wakeup call for people to save a lot more. >> where do you stand on how much should you trint? i remember some people thinking i'll triblt a litcontribute a little. >> if you can put as much as possible in the beginning that compounding all those years works in your favor. every single person has some amount of money that they waste. there's leakage in our wallets, there really is. >> okay. if you could clamp down on some of that, a few dollars a week makes a huge difference over time. >> so you say maximum. >> you want to contribute as much as possible but your bare minimum is to contribute enough to get the company match. don't walk away from the free money. >> and then some warnings about what you should not do
8:22 am
especially if you're changing jobs. the average american changes jobs 11 times. i is jobs. >> 77 people say at some point they took some money out when they changed jobs. you want to protect that pension money at all costs. now, i know during the financial crisis some of us had to tap in to our retirement money but you want to make sure you roll that money over to your next 4501 k plan or an ira so you also don't lose track of it in 11 different places but that you keep it in intact intact, roll it over that you make sure as much as possible you are paying attention to how that money is invested. very, very important. >> all right. did you leave your number? mellody can be reached at -- >> if you follow these things they work i promise. >> all right. thank you so much. it's been a dream of scientists and military leaders and government. a missile defense system that really works. the answer could be israel's
8:23 am
iron dome. "60 minutes" takes us inside the dome ahead on "cbs this morning." your local news is coming up next. we'll be right back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
25 past 8:00. president's day remains to be a pretty day and cold. sharon is going to wrap up the rush after marty's first warning weather. >> it's about 23 degrees right now. let's take a look at what is an easy forecast for the day. sunny but 6 degrees below normal at 40. here is sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. >> it's quieter than normal because of president's day. we have an issue on 895 northbound at the scale bridge, a disabled vehicle. eastbound route 1 at route 97. a traffic light out on boston street at dundolk. there's a look at the topside of the beltway looking good at
8:26 am
harford road. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. maryland state police on the eastern shore are searching for answers after a college student is killed right in front of his friends and brother. mike schuh has the latest. >> good morning. a well-known eastern shore rapper is stabbed to death on the campus of the university of maryland eastern shore. 21-year-old edmond st. clair, as triynny west came across three men blocking the street. a scuffle end sued, st. clair dropped with a stab wound to his death. he leaves behind a girlfriend 8 months pregnant. i'm mike schuh reporting. back to you. >> thank you. baltimore city police plan to resume training this week. all operations were halted last
8:27 am
tuesday after a shooting left a trainee critically wounded. police plan to resume classroom and physical training but will keep firearms training on hold. the investigation into the shooting at the old rosewood state hospital is still underway. 6 officers have been suspended. the democratic committee has nominated nina harper to replace mattie harrison. harrison was the longest serving delegate in the house when she died last month at the age of 84. a formal appointment should follow. in baltimore county police raid vendors at the flee market. police looked for counterfeit merchandise. no one has been arrested and no charges have been filed yet. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, a
8:28 am
conversation with microsoft cofounder bill gates. the star of beast of the southern wild, dwight henry will put in an
8:29 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour
8:30 am
bill gates says he cannot make the world a better place without getting sleep. being a baker has been his bread and butter since high school, but now dwight henry is getting rave reviews for his first ever acting role in "beast of the southern wild." we'll show you his improbable story. when rubio tyke a sip of water during his response to the state of the union address he was mocked nationally but according to buzzfeed rubio has already raised more than $100,000 for its path by selling water bottles with his name on them. britain's guardian says they're parlized by using thought control. that i hope to use brain implants and infrared light to allow patients to move artificial lens. they have made a breakthrough in lens allowing them to.
8:31 am
maker's mark whiskey is backing down on plans to water down its whiskey. on sunday they declared it was a mistake to reduce the bourbon's alcohol content from 45% to 42%. >> the telegram and gazette in massachusetts say this year's presidents' day has been one of the best for car dealers in the area. some are offering discounts of up to $11,000. and the "los angeles times" says serena williams took over the number one spot in the tennis finals today. at 31 serena williams is the oldest woman to hold the top rank. why does that bother me that at 31 you're listed as hold in any definition including tennis. >> congratulations to her. and when president obama heads to russia next month it could include the iron dome
8:32 am
defense system. last night on "60 minutes" bob simon looked at israel's game-changing technology. >> reporter: over the past 11 years, more than 15,000 rockets and mortars have been fired at israel by hezbollah and lebanon in the gaza strip. as of recently the only thing civilians could do is run for cover, but in the latest round of fighting between israel and hamas late last year some stopped running and tried to get good picture because this time when hamas fired rockets, iron dome fired missiles to inder september them in the sky before they could do any damage on the ground. you're looking at an iron dome missile on its way.
8:33 am
you can't see the hamas rocket it's going after, but watch how the missile will adjust its course to get close to the hamas rocket and blow it up. at night the images of iron dome are even more spectacular. this video was taken at a wedding in southern is rile. a squadron of iron dome missiles could be seen. the wedding music played on de despiedde despite the background. >> do you think they feel safer today than they did six months ago? >> by far. we interviewed him just before israel's recent elections. >> now people are not running to shelters so much. they're staying in cafes.
8:34 am
>> i don't think so. probably some -- there is less anxiety deep in the -- in there because after all, everyone knows the statistics that american -- most probably the incoming will be defected. this is an extraordinary story how the young kids are making choices and have within 15 to 20 seconds to choose. >> speaking of that you met with bill gates. >> i did. he remains chairman of microsoft. he stepped back from the day to day role he had nearly 5 years ago. he and his wife melinda run the world's largest charity hoping to ee wrad indicate polio.
8:35 am
>> tell me this. the divisions in your life which we talk bd before chairman of microsoft along with melinda running the bill and melinda gates foundation, what's the third thing? >> well innovation is what i love to work on. i'm spending time on energy innovation because we need cheap energy we need clean energy. creating a new high school course because i think science and history can be brought together and made more interesting. often the money that lets do you the innovation is what's missing, and i'm lucky enough to have capital to -- whether it's a new nuclear reactor or cheap solar. i combat for ideas. it lets me learn a lot of science, work with brilliant people. >> i have in my happeneds the
8:36 am
annual letter from you from the foundation. what's interesting here, the theme of this is measurement. and you say that's crucial to have a goal and to be able to measure how well you're doing if you're going to reach the goal. >> right. it's been stunning to me in the last year that the places we even done well is where we're going and really able to see what's going on. and for example, if you want to get 90% of the kids vaccinated then you'd better know within a month of this area if it's working and if it is, what is it doing right. why is it working here not here. the tools that let us measure sensors, satellites that's good, but the idea offing are bringing that to help the poorest, i'm stunned to think that kind of thinking. systems feedback thinking is so
8:37 am
rare and someone to highlight it. now we need to apply it a lot more than ever before. >> looking at technology -- let me talk microsoft first. you're the chairman of the company. >> i am. >> steve is the ceo. are you happy with his performance? >> he and i are the two most high level-critical people as you can imagine. there are a lot of amazing things that steve's leadership got done with the company in the last year. windows 8 is key to the future surface computer bing is seen as a better search product. is it enough? no. he and i are not satisfied in terms of you know breakthrough things, that we're doing everything possible. >> every time you see an article about microsoft, it's not so much about the success of bing or one thing or the other, it's about what happened at microsoft or five things you ought to do
8:38 am
to microsoft. when you see all this stuff, what do you think? >> we appreciate the advice. there's a lot of things like cell phones where we didn't get out early? why not? >> that's complicated. >> did you miss cell phones? >> we didn't miss cellphones, but the way we went about it didn't allow us to get the leadership. it clearsly the mistake. >> you know, there's a lot of analysis on sleep. do you sleep much? >> yes. i wish i was like these people who could sleep four hours. if i get less than seven hours my iq starts to drop. that's very disconcerting. i'm a night person. i sit there at night finding out what's wrong, what's right. i find it hard go to bed. i get squeezed if i have to get
8:39 am
up early in the morning and then you fall behind. >> baf look i you guys concluded this train was leaving the station and you'd better get on it. you wrote at that time a kind of mission statement which was a computer -- what was it? >> a computer on every desk and in every home. >> what's the mission from bill gates today? >> if you want a broad one, which is the foundation's driving value is that all lives have equal value. so you say why do poor children die when other children don't. why do some people have enough nutrition and reasonable toilets and others don't. so those basic needs that through innovation actually it's very affordable will be to bring them to everyone. >> bill gates was a hard-driving
8:40 am
ceo and now he's evolved to chairman of microsoft but he's with melinda. >> they're a team. >> very much a team. they want to eradicate polio and all kinds of things. what's interesting to him is he e-mails every night reads two hours every night. the kids are there. it's changed his life. he e-mails for an hour and a half or two and reads for two hours. this is a guy whose reading has done everything for him. >> and he gets some sleep. >> great interview. dwight henry had never acted before this year's "beast of the southern wild." it has four oscar nominations. jeff glor shows why this baker turned actor doesn't need any
8:41 am
yeast to keep his career rising. >> reporter: they couldn't find the right actor so they went where they bought their morning doughnuts and offered the job to a baker. >> have you gotten your head around all this? >> not yet. we're still riding the waves right now. along with his co-star 5-year-old sven janae wallace, he turned in one of the great debuts of his history. >> you don't understand. i can't take care of you no more. do you understand? i'm done. >> reporter: a searing portrayal of a gravely ill father struggling to steer his orphaned daughter. i still find it hard to believe you never acted before.
8:42 am
>> that's just a testament to the good training i got. >> reporter: training is one thing. but there's this -- >> natural. >> -- unique quality. >> you know being from this area being from this region, we have unique qualities within ourselves. you know they seen some things in me that i didn't see in myself. >> sit back and listen to me and close your eyes. >> reporter: this is home for you. >> this is home. the bakery is where i have peace of mind at. >> reporter: henry when he is home now still gets up at 1:00 a.m. seven days a week turning out pastries at his famed buttermilk king cakes. >> >> reporter: the buttermilks, the word sounds good and then you try it. >> did you try it?
8:43 am
>> reporter: it was very good. >> pretty good. >> reporter: it was good. his goal early was not to be on the set. it was here making his specialties he first got a taste of at 11 years old. >> it gives me so much pleasure when they come in here and get one of these but err milk drops and they bite into it and they put this big old smile on their face. they don't even have to pay me for it after that. they can have it. >> reporter: did you just say that? >> i said it. >> reporter: though he may not want to charge, plenty want to pay. his signature sweets are expanding into new stores in new orleans and this spring into new york city. he also shot another film here last year with brad pitt. >> it's an amazing story. i go to the grocery store and people are pointing at me he's been on tv.
8:44 am
it's been a wonderful ride. >> reporter: all that attention can change you though right? >> right. >> reporter: stardom? >> stardom. no matter what exchange comes, first place is my bacary. this is my heart. this is like my babe to me. i wouldn't sacrifice this bacary for nothing in the world. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jeff glor, new orleans. >> there's something we missed in new orleans. >> i know. >> speak for yourself, josh, because i'm telling you, george -- i made a point of going there while we were in super bowl. >> how many did you buy? >> a dozen. >> he said i love to sit and talk to you, i've got go i'm working and cooking the doughnuts. he's amazing. >> he's coming to new york. maybe you'll share with us next time.
8:45 am
>> i will because i'm a sharing person. >> maybe he'll send us some. >> i say field trip. how does a regular guy get more than a million followers on twitter? we'll a
8:46 am
8:47 am
he said the only things in his life are his dog, his anxiety and his twitter. he has written a new memoir. it's called "pigeon in a crosswalk," published by simon schuster that's a division of cbs news. you said your favorite yoga pose is leaving yoga class. i agree. four food groups. looks don't matter.
8:48 am
it's all about personality. you're impressed by anyone that says that with great face. >> i'm waiting where average people have a really great sex life. if these true, i'm off all day. you have my number. >> why has that inspired you to call it a memoir? >> the publisher calls it a memoir. i call is essays. >> you are compared to david sa door ras from anderson couper. >> that's impress everybody coming from anderson cooper. >> are you going to have a job by tomorrow? >> he knows it because it's true. >> you credit him for changing your life and career. >> you say his blue eyes are totally fake. >> they're totally fake. he has blue contacts. >> here you are working at cn. >> it's a dream come true.
8:49 am
it's absolutely amazing and i owe it all to my grand parents who were crazy but they gave me a camcorder early on andite bens amazing. >> what do you do? >> i was a producer for anderson, at least i was until this morning. >> how did you get a million followers on twitter? it's kind of complicate. i got put on a suggested user list early on and they kind of direct people to your account. i think mostly they're like overseas spammers. >> but you tell a touching story in the news about coming out to your family being gay, and you wering are worried about it but you typed the news to your mom and sister and straight friend. >> they were all wonderful about it. >> and they were wonderful about it and i told my dad about it. and he was like how about that nhl lockout. >> let's not talk about that. but the title "pigeon in a crosswalk means?"
8:50 am
>> i was having a really crummy day in my apartment to walk my dad. i got out and we walked. there was a pigeon walking across the street. >> if the pijgeon can do it, you can too.
8:51 am
8:52 am
an interesting day but you like what story? >> i keep thinking of the woman with the baby, the baby on the
8:53 am
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it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. 5 minutes before 9:00. a live look over fort mchungry. marty is over at first warning weather. >> the mid 20s right now. watch tomorrow. that's going to be a good day. a high of 40 today. given how cold it was
8:55 am
yesterday with that 20 degree windchill, in the sun just barely a breeze, that 40 is going to be pleasant. over night we cloud up 33. dear ri tomorrow but mild with periods of afternoon rain. maryland state police are investigating a stabbing death on the campus of the university of maryland eastern shore. mike schuh stays on the story. >> good morning. a well-known eastern shore rapper is stabbed to death on the campus of the university of maryland eastern shore. 21-year-old edmond st. clair known has trinny west, was driving across campus on saturday night with his visiting brother and cousin. they came across three men blocking the street. st. clair got out a scuffle ensued. st. clair got stabbed in the chest. st. clair leaves behind a girlfriend 8 months pregnant. they don't have a good description of
8:56 am
killer. another murdered university of maryland student was remembered over the weekend. stephan rane was membered this weekend. he was shot and killed by his off campus house mate dayvon green. another student and house mate was wounded. green died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. a hagerstown man is waking up behind bars after a teenager was stabbed inside his home. 38-year-old jenerette dixon surrendered after a stand off. neighbors saw a woman running from the house with a knife in her chest. dixon has been charged with attempted murder. the wounded woman survived. three men are behind bars charged with a string of robberies. they have been charged in connection with 24 convenient store robberies. police say the robbers targeted 711, royal farms and hide
8:57 am
stores. baltimore city police have resumed training following an accidental shooting last week. all operations really halted last tuesday after a trainee was accidentally shot in the head by a instructor. police plan to resume classroom and physical training. the investigation is still underway. six officers have been suspended. another milestone for bwi thurgood marshall. the airport is reporting record passenger and shipping numbers. more than 22 million travelers passed through the airport. 2012 saw an increase in 1.3%. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. complete news and first warning weather today
8:58 am
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